Main courses

Children's steak

mushed potatoes, chicken nuggets
4,8 €

Päts' dumplings

10 fried and 10 boiled dumplings, sour cream
9,5 €

Crispy chicken fillets

fried chicken fillets with fries
7,2 €

Grilled orange-peppermint chicken

( chicken thigh, mashed potatoes, baked vegetables, cheddar cheese sauce. )
9,9 €

Grilled meat in blueberry marinade

pork, coleslaw, truffle mayo, potato wedges
11,5 €

Grilled beef steak

grilled beef steak, side, salad, dipsauce
15,9 €

*Side is included with main course - oven-baked potatoes, potato wedges, buckwheat, French fries, boiled potatoes, steamed veggies, rice, salad